More than 4,000 customers in 20 countries rely on Jackrabbit everyday.

“Jackrabbit’s new Unlimited Time Clock feature has made exciting changes in our company! Our staff and I no longer need to manually split their time between departments.” – Patti Komara 

“Our trust in Jackrabbit’s founders, their service operators, their programmers – their whole operation is huge because we are asking our customers to trust us with their children.” – Frank Sahlein

“Jackrabbit has renewed our confidence in our operations. We don’t worry about downtime or outages because they just don’t happen with Jackrabbit and we have support resources that we can depend on. ” – Jeff Lulla 

“It’s like having another employee and a whole tech crew on your team that’s there to help you win.”  – Suzanne Blake Gerety 

“We’ve compared Jackrabbit’s Time Clock feature to existing time reporting software and Jackrabbit comes out on top, delivering everything we need without racking up additional fees.” – Kyle Grussmeyer

“Jackrabbit’s online registration provides a simple way to offer classes without consuming the energy of our staff.”  – Cindy Tonnesen

American Twisters
“Jackrabbit proved the value of its email-based support. They have it down to a science. Identifying the root of the problem allows them to effectively answer questions or diagnose and resolve most any issues we report.”
–Randy Sikora | American Twisters Gymnastics | Full case study

Buckeye Gymnastics
“Online registration and payment options make our facility easy to do business with – and parents expect that. Our access to good data improves our ability to provide great customer service.”
–Cathy Siedlak | Buckeye Gymnastics | Full case study

Temecula Dance
“Jackrabbit is easily grasped – even by the computer novice. My staff can master the functionality needed to do their tasks. I’m free to grow the business yet manage it from wherever I am.”
–Adam Barret | Temecula Dance | Full case study

Ace All Stars Gadsden Cheer
“Jackrabbit’s automated payment and online registration features have probably been the biggest game-changers for us. These features totally take time-consuming processes out of our hair and make them available to parents 24/7. ”
–JR & Kelley Zeringue | ACE All Stars Gadsden | Full case study