Why choose Jackrabbit over iClassPro?


Jackrabbit’s Unlimited Time Clock

Effortlessly track your staff’s hours worked

  • Each staff member enters their own time and all you have to do is approve the time.
  • The time clock can be accessed at multiple locations or on the go.
  • Export data to QuickBooks or our payroll partner, Express Payroll, with one click.

Can this really save me money?

One employee making a five minute error each day equals $3,360 lost annually.

iClassPro has no time clock

Manually track staff’s hours

  • Your staff will have to track their time on paper and you will have to manually calculate payroll.
  • To automate this process, you’ll have to purchase a separate time clock software.
  • This means lost time and money either way.

Jackrabbit’s Point-of-Sale

Make sales directly in Jackrabbit

  • Track merchandise and monitor your revenue generated from selling uniforms, accessories, and any other items in your store.
  • Speed up the checkout process by scanning the barcodes and using a secure credit card reader.
  • Post fees to a current family’s account or take payment on the spot.

iClassPro has no point-of-sale

Manage inventory by hand

  • All this information is manually entered or you’ll have to purchase a separate point-of-sale software.
  • This means lost time and money either way.

Jackrabbit’s Mobile App Partnership

Custom app for your parents

  • Mobile Inventor’s partnership with Jackrabbit allows parents to register for classes, access and make payments in their Customer Portal, receive push notifications and more through your custom app.
  • Starting at $25 a month.

iClassPro has no mobile app

  • Mobile app integrations are not possible.

Jackrabbit’s Financial Reporting Accuracy

Balance to the penny

  • Choose from dozens of robust, accurate financial reports to keep a pulse on your business.
  • Customize reports to pull specific data for your needs.
  • Balance your financial information in Jackrabbit with your accounts payables information in QuickBooks [or similar software] to ensure accuracy and accountability.

iClassPro’s Financial Reports

History of being inaccurate

  • Errors in reporting financial information can be costly for your business – especially during an audit.

Jackrabbit’s Skill Tracking

Track student skills

  • Staff can track student skills right in Jackrabbit, creating skills and sub-skills.
  • Parents can view their child’s skill progress from within their Customer Portal, keeping up with what their child is doing in class

iClassPro’s Skill Tracking

Limited skill tracking

  • Limited ability to track skills.
  • Parents are not able to track their child’s progress easily.

Jackrabbit’s Uptime and Speed

Trust your software – access when you need it

  • Jackrabbit is reliable. With a 99.99% uptime, you can count on the software to be there when you need it most.
  • No downtime during peak business hours.
  • Quick and responsive, no waiting on pages to load or reports to run.

iClassPro’s Uptime and Speed

Inconsistent uptime

  • Complaints from customers at least once every other week in regards to slowness, degraded performance, or inability to access the application.
  • Downtime during peak business hours.
  • Slow loading speeds for pages and reports.

Jackrabbit’s ePayment Options

You decide who you want to do business with

  • Jackrabbit has two 3rd party ePayment partners for you to choose from – C&H Financial and SafeSave Payments.
  • Having options keeps pricing competitive and gives you a choice of who you want to work with.

iClassPro’s ePayment Option

Use only iPayPro

  • If you would like to process payments, you will have to use their own provider.

Jackrabbit’s Robust Executive Dashboard

A quick view of your key business metrics at a glance

  • Alerts are automatically synced with your database so you can quickly keep up with waitlists, incomplete time entries, absences, birthdays and more.
  • Keep up with aged accounts and enrollments easily with alerts on this screen.
  • Compare your current month revenue to the prior two years revenue with the color bar chart.

iClassPro has a limited executive dashboard

Run reports to find important metrics

  • Cannot show alerts, aged accounts, or revenue summaries without searching.
  • This means more time is spent running reports to find important revenue and enrollment information.

Jackrabbit has unlimited locations

  • Keep information across multiple locations in one place with no extra fees.
  • Reports can be run by location.
  • Jackrabbit grows with you – and you don’t have to add another database!

iClasspro charges per location

  • Information between locations is completely separate.
  • Fees are doubled when a location is added.

Jackrabbit’s Events Management

  • Included at no additional cost to you
  • Manage birthday parties, parents night out, special events, etc.

iClassPro’s iPartyPro

  • Additional $40/month per location
  • Manage birthday parties, parents night out, etc.