Innovation is our calling. You are our inspiration. Jackrabbit’s expert developers are continuously transforming ideas into enhancements, automatically updated at no extra charge.


Jackrabbit is always improving and adding new features and enhancements. Review the latest enhancements below and click at the bottom to see more enhancements.

101/16/17Favorites added to several placesFavorites were added to these areas:
  • Families : Lead File > Search Leads
  • Classes: Edit All Classes, Class Schedule, Sign In/Out Sheets, Search Wait Lists
  • Events: Event Sign In/Out Sheet
  • Reports: Family ePayment Listing, Payment Method Summary, Telephone Listing, Transaction Summary Report
Favorites allow you to save your favorite search criteria to use again in the future.
201/16/17NEW Process Credit Cards/Bank Accounts - Ignore pre-paymentsYou are now able to ignore pre-payments (such as costume deposits) when processing credit cards for specific transactions. Details:
  • New option collect the full amount of unpaid fees and ignore pre-payments/ credits on account View example
  • New User Permission 'Process Credit Cards - Ignore Pre-Payments'. Any user with 'Process Credit Cards' permission was defaulted to have the new permission. View User Permission
  • Accounts where the where the credit card payment is greater than the Balance are highlighted yellow.
  • View an example
301/04/17Skill Email ChangesNew email settings were added for skills, including: logo, class location, header and footer. To set these, go to the Staff Portal menu>Settings. The format of the email sent to parents was updated to add the selected information and make it easier to read when multiple skills are updated on the same day. View New Skill Email Settings, View Updated Email Example
412/13/16Recitals: New Check In/Out SheetNew recital report added called Recital Check In/Out Sheet. This sheet lists the recital students with a checkbox for Check In and Check Out, to help keep track of students arriving and leaving a recital.
View Recital Check In/Out Search Criteria
View Recital Check In/Out Sheet
511/08/16Costumes: Added Picture UploadCostume pictures can now be added! The ability to upload a picture was added to Add Costume and Edit Costume. Click on the Upload button and then select the picture from your computer's saved files.
View Costume Picture Upload
610/25/16Who's Scheduled To Be Here ReportNew options to:
  • Display the name of the first class based on the Class Start Time
  • Sort by Class Start Time or Student Name
  • Show all of a Student's classes
If you track absences, new options to:
  • Exclude Students that are scheduled to be absent
  • Include Students that are scheduled for a makeup
View Who's Scheduled to Be Here Report
710/25/16Staff Portal: Makeups can be marked present/absentIn the Staff Portal only, the Staff will be able to mark a makeup student as present or absent.
In Jackrabbit, this information is shown in the 'Makeup' tab of the makeup Class, the 'Absence' tab of the enrolled Class, and, and the 'Absence' tab of the Student.
View Staff Portal
View Makeup Attendance in Jackrabbit
810/11/16Costume Measurement Worksheet: Added SessionThe Costume Measurement Worksheet now has Session as a search criteria. View Costume Measurement Worksheet Search Criteria
910/11/16Staff Portal Class Filter: Added Category 2Staff Portal's Class Filter now has Category 2 give staff more options when looking for specific classes. View Staff Portal's Class Filters
1010/05/16NEW Student Skills Added to the Staff PortalStaff Portal now has Student Skills! What does this mean?
*Staff can see and update student skill progress quickly during class using a mobile device
*Staff can also see/update skill notes, watch skill videos and send parents an email when a student skill is updated (optional)
*New Tested skill status added in the portal and main Jackrabbit database
*Note: Skills must be assigned to the class inside your main Jackrabbit database before skills are seen in the staff portal
*View Skills in the Staff Portal
For instructions to set up and use skills, use the following links to the Help Center:
Setup skills inside Jackrabbit
Skills inside Staff Portal
1109/13/16New Staff Portal Log ReportA new report was created called Staff Portal Log, which is located in the Staff Portal menu>Settings. This report will show staff portal login activity along with the following: when staff try to login using incorrect IDs, when password reset emails are sent, and when staff update their password. View New Staff Portal Login Report
1209/13/16Edit Settings Screen UpdateThe Edit Settings screen has been changed to make it easier to read, with adding more space between fields, moving page notes to tools tips and removing colons. Other changes:
*Fields reorganized to place related fields together
*Help icons added to provide more information at your fingertips
*Minor label changes
View Edit Settings
1309/13/16Staff Portal Password Reset Email: AddedPortal LInkIf your database allows Remote Access to the Staff Portal, the email sent to staff to create/reset their portal password will now have a link to the staff portal. This makes it easier for staff to immediately login after creating/resetting their password. View Staff Portal Password Reset Email
1409/07/16Web Registration Confirmation Email: Added First ClassWeb Registration confirmation emails sent to parents, instructors and your organization, now show the First Class date the student should attend class. We've also deleted the Class Start Date and added the Class End Date. View Email Confirmation Example

The confirmation emails sent to instructors when a Jackrabbit user enrolls a student was also updated. We're still working on updating the Quick Registration and Portal enrollment confirmation emails.
1508/31/16New Closed Dates for Staff Portal AttendanceThere is a new Edit Settings option for Closed Dates! This enhancement helps clients who are using Staff Portal Attendance. On a closed date, the staff portal won't allow attendance to be taken and the Incomplete Portal Attendance report won't include closed date classes.
There's a new user permission for Closed Dates. This was set according to users Edit Settings permission:
*UserIDs with Edit Settings checked, now have Closed Dates checked
*UserIDs without Edit Settings checked, won't have Closed Dates checked

View Closed Dates Page, View Staff Portal with Closed Date

Closed Dates will be used in a future enhancement for tuition discounting and prorating.
1608/31/16Staff's Portal Settings: Added Attendance OptionStaff's Portal Settings page has a new option called "Allow this staff person to enter attendance". When set to No, staff can see the list of students in the staff portal, but can't mark students present or absent. This is helpful for schools which don't allow teachers to enter attendance but still need to see student information. The Edit All Staff Portal Setting page and Staff Portal Guided Setup both have this new setting, which makes updating multiple staff at the same time quick and easy. View Staff's Portal Settings new Attendance setting,
1708/30/16Staff Portal Settings: Added Email SettingThe Staff Portal now has the option for staff to send emails! Each staff person's portal settings tab has a new setting called Allow this staff person to send emails. When set to Yes, the staff person will see an Email button in the staff portal's Manage Classes tab. From here, staff can enter the email subject, message and select which student's contacts should receive the email. All of the selected students' contacts with a unique email address will receive the email. Staff will also see a new email icon on the attendance page. View email setting & staff portal button/icon, View email pop-up
1808/02/16Staff Portal Guided Setup: Added Email to All StaffWhen using either the Staff Portal Guided Setup or Edit All Portal Logins, a new section was added to the Send Email step. The new section lists all active staff with checkbox to select which staff should receive the email containing their login information. View Send Email step with option to select all staff
1908/02/16Staff Portal My Time Card tab: Added Department FilterThere's a new Time Filter for Department in the My Time Card tab of the staff portal. This makes it easier for staff to find specific department time entries. View Department Time Filter
2006/21/16Staff Portal: My Schedule Tab Mobile AwareStaff Portal's My Schedule tab is now mobile aware! This means staff schedules are easier to see on smart phones and tablets.
2102/23/16Time Clock: Added Multiple Dept ManagersDepartments can now have multiple Department Managers. This change was made to both Edit Department and Add Department. View Dept Managers Multi-Select
2202/23/16New Time Clock Here Now ReportThere is a new Here Now report for clients using the Jackrabbit Time Clock. This report will show which staff are currently clocked into the Time Clock.
This report is located under the Clock menu. There is a new user permission which was defaulted 'on' for all users who had the Approve/Unapprove Time permission and defaulted 'off' for all other users.
View Here Now Report, View Clock Menu with Here Now Report
2302/23/16Time Clock: Added Hour Type FilterThe Time Clock's My Time Card tab now has a way to filter time entries by Hour Type. Staff can select a specific Hour Type from the drop-down list and only the matching time entries will show. View Hour Type Filter
2401/19/16Student's Size Notes: Added to ReportsStudent's Size Notes were added to the Costume SIze Entry and Student Costume Listing reports. View Size Notes in Costume Reports
2512/18/15EPayment Listing: Added Membership TypeSeveral improvements were made to the ePayment Listing report: added Membership Type search criteria, added ePayment Schedule drop-down option 'no value', changed ePayment Method default value to blank, added new option 'no value, yet has credit card or bank account on file' and made it a required field. This report is intended to identify families which will be processed using "Process Credit Cards/Bank Account" and also identify families who are missing necessary ePayment information .View ePayment Listing Report
2612/18/15Text Replies: Smartphone Opens Text MessageText reply emails, when opened from your smartphone's native email app, will display the Reply From number as a link. Clicking on the link opens a new text message to quickly reply directly to the person. Note: The text will be sent from the cell phone number and not the Plivo text number.
2712/15/15e-Payment Schedule Drop-down Editor: Added Private & Hidee-Payment Schedule Drop-down List Editor now has the "Private" and "Hide" options. "Private" means the value will not appear in the e-Payment Schedule drop-down list in Online Registration or Parent Portal. "Hide" means the value will be hidden from e-Payment Schedule drop-down lists within Jackrabbit. View e-Payment Schedule Private and Hide
2812/15/15Grid List: Clicked Row ChangeWhen in a grid list, a clicked row used to highlight in yellow and could cause confusion if the row was already highlighted yellow for another reason. The clicked row will now be outlined in blue. View Clicked Row Blue Outline
2912/15/15Quick Registration: Bank Acct Info UpdateQuick Registration will now allow Bank Account information to be entered when the Online Web Registration Setting for "eCheck/Bank Draft Required" is set to Optional.
3012/10/15Email/Text Families: Added "Inlcude Text Opt-In Status" search criteriaEmail/Text Families now has a search criteria for "Include Text Opt-In Status". This criteria allows you to search for contacts/students/staff dependent on whether they have opt in for texting or not. For example, if contacts and students have been opting-in for texting and now you want to email only contacts/students who haven't opt-in, set the "Include Text Opt-In Status" criteria to "Not Opt-In".

If you do NOT have Text Messages set-up in Jackrabbit, this new setting is not available. View Email/Text Families "Include Text Opt-In Status"
3112/08/15Email Families Preview: Added Export buttonThe Email Families Preview page now has an Export button. This enables you to search for specific families /students and export them into Excel. This is helpful for emailing from outside of Jackrabbit. The exported file can be used to copy the email addresses into another email service and a file attachment can be added. Email Families Preview's Export button
3212/08/15Event Registration: Added Email check (similar to Web Reg)After a parent submits an event registration, the system will check to see if the family exists. If they exist, the parent will be alerted to visit the portal to enroll in the event. This now works the same as Web Registration for classes.
3312/08/15Post Enrollment Fees: Format ChangesAfter enrolling a student into a class, the Post Enrollment Fees page opens. This page has been updated so the Tuition Fees section and the Other Fees section are similar and are closer in format to the Make Sale/Post Fees page. Changes include: moving fields into the same order, adding the Student and Class fields, and adding the Tax checkbox. View Post Enrollment Fees
3412/01/15Text Messages Now Available!Jackrabbit now has the ability to send Text Messages to Contacts, Students and Staff! An account with a third party text message provider called Plivo needs to be activated before texting can be set up in Jackrabbit. For a direct link to setup a Plivo account, go to the Tools>Edit Settings>Text Messages page.

Important Note: Users which had the "Edit Settings, Logo, Announcements" user permission were given two new texting permissions: texting set-up and sending text messages. All other users were NOT given the texting permissions and need to have their permissions updated to see/use texting.

For detailed information on pricing and setup/usage, Click Here for Jackrabbit Help Center. or Click Here for Care Help Center.
3512/01/15Enrollment Details: Added Drop ReasonIf your database is set up to allow Future Enrollments, a Future Drop Reason can now be entered when enrolling a student with a Future Drop Date. View Enrollment Details
3611/13/15SAP/ACH/Forte: Added eCommerce ReceiptsFor organizations using Studio Auto Pay, ACH Direct and Forte Payments, you can now control the eCommerce receipts emailed to your clients for approved, declined, voided and refunded payments. These settings must be activated to start sending the emails. To do this, go to Tools>Edit Settings> Statements/eComm Receipts. For more information, CLICK HERE
3711/13/15Process Credit Cards/Bank Accts: Added FavoritesProcess Credit Cards/Bank Accounts now has the Favorites feature! This means search criteria which you use frequently can be saved as a 'Favorite', to then use again in the future. The Favorites feature is located on a lot of Jackrabbit pages and is a big time saver! View Favorite buttons
3811/10/15Lead File: Added Enrollment and SkillsFor families being archived to the Lead File today and in the future, the students' prior class enrollment and skills information will be viewable in the Lead File. If a family is restored from the Lead File, the students' prior enrollment and skills information is also restored. View Lead File Enrollment & Skills
Note: Historical Enrollment Reporting has not been updated to include families moved to the Lead File.
3911/10/15Portal & Portal Log: Added Family & Student UDFsThere are new Portal settings which allow family and student user definable fields (UDF) to be displayed in the portal.. These new settings also give you the ability to allow parents to update the UDF answers. These settings have been defaulted off for all databases. Go to Tools>Customer Portal>Settings to change them appropriately. View New Portal Settings View UDFs in Portal
The Customer Portal Log report was updated with a new Filter Option for User Defined Field Changes and the report results will include these changes. View Customer Portal Log Changes
4011/10/15Edit Settings: Split Tax Tuition and Registration Fees into 2 SettingsThe Tools>Edit Settings' "Tax Tuition and Registration Fees" has been split into two separate settings called "Tax Tuition Fees" and "Tax Registration Fees". These can now be set differently if your state requires one to be taxed but not the other. Web registration, quick registration and enrolling within Jackrabbit have all been updated to use both settings. View Tax Tuition and Tax Registration Fee Settings
4111/03/15SAP/ACH Direct/Forte eCommerce: Added Multiple Cards on File and Refund/Void on CardStudio AutoPay/ACH Direct/Forte Payments eCommerce providers now have the following features: Ability to store multiple cards on file per family and process refunds and voids directly to the credit card! Please note that there are additional User Permissions required to access these features. Visit the Help Center > Post a Refund Help for more information.
4210/27/15Web API for Website Class Listing TablesWe now offer a JSON API for your website class listings tables. The API provides your web programmer with raw class data in JSON format so that he can create a custom UI for your class listings on your website. If your web programmer would like a copy of the JSON API documentation, email OnlineReg@JackrabbitTech.com
4310/27/15User Permissions: Added View Item Cost in List ItemsA new user permission was created called "View Item Cost in List Items". When this is un-checked, users with access to List Items will no longer see an Item's cost. View Permission View Item Cost in List Items
4410/27/15ECommerce Refunds: Added Refund by Different Payment MethodWhen refunding an eCommerce payment, there's now a button to "Refund by Different Payment Method". This button is helpful when a credit card is no longer active and the refund has to be made using a different payment method (check, cash, etc). View eCommerce Refund by Different Payment Method button
4510/27/15Enroll from Wait List: Added Post FeesWhen enrolling a student from a class wait list, the Enrollment Details and Post Enrollment Fees pop-ups will now appear. This makes it faster and easier to enter this information. View Enroll from Wait List New Options
4610/27/15Student Advanced Search: Added Primary Contact EmailStudent Advanced Search results now has a column for Primary Contact Email. The Enrollment Detail Report's column for Contact Email was renamed to Primary Contact Email to be consistent. View Student Adv Search New Primary Contact Email
4710/27/15Costume Module: Added Show/Hide Columns FeatureSeveral Costume Module pages now have the Show/Hide Columns feature: Costume Size Entry, Student Costume Listing and Costume Listing
4810/23/15Class Enroll tab: Ability to ExportThe Class Enroll tab now has the ability to export the enrollment grid information. View Class Enroll tab Export button
4910/13/15Edit All Classes: Add Show/Hide Columns & Cutoff DateThe Show/Hide Columns feature was added to make using/viewing the Edit All Classes information easier. The class age Cutoff Date was also added in the yellow global change section and on each row. View Edit All Classes
5010/09/15General grid speed improvementA change went in this morning that will speed up the loading and rendering of our grids (tables) across the board, especially on tabs such as Family-Summary tab, Family-Enrollment tab, Student-Classes tab.