More than 4,000 customers in 20 countries rely on Jackrabbit everyday.

“Parents can sign their kids up for dance at three o’clock in the morning …. Everything is at their fingertips.”
–Christina Wiginton | CK Danceworks

“It’s like having another employee and a whole tech crew on your team that’s there to help you win.”
–Suzanne Blake Gerety | Kathy Blake Dance Studios

“My multi-location, data-intensive business is now simple to expand and manage because of Jackrabbit’s centralized, web-based system.”
–Adam Barret | Temecula Dance Company

“Jackrabbit’s all-in-one system has everything I need. When I ask anything from Jackrabbit, it is easy and quick.”
–Olivia Allen | Gotta Dance

“It makes no sense to choose to work harder. We don’t have to put in more hours to do more. Jackrabbit lets us live our lives at the end of the day.”
–Sam Beckford | School of Music and Dance

School of Music and Dance
“We’ve been able to let our studios run using online products without putting too much of ‘us’ into it.”
–Sam Beckford | School of Music and Dance

Kathy Blake Dance Studios
“Jackrabbit has easy functionality that – in today’s day and age – is what sets studios apart. The studio that stays ahead is the one that makes it easy for people to do business and that is what Jackrabbit helps us do.”
–Kathy Blake | Kathy Blake Dance Studios

Dance Davidson
“Our move to Jackrabbit has been the catalyst to very positive changes in our operations. Because of Jackrabbit, our information is more accurate, we work more efficiently and effectively and our parents are thrilled with the ‘modern’ online options we offer.”
–Terilynne Knox | Dance Davidson

The Academy of the Arts
“We really appreciate the value of the process automation that Jackrabbit gives us. Without it, I would still be tied to my desk for hours on end and would not be able to focus on curriculum, students, parents – and improving our customer service and growing our Academy! ”
–Tonya Ebner | The Academy of the Arts

Jackrabbit User Reviews

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