Schedule Your Emails

There are great new options in Jackrabbit to send your emails now or to schedule them for up to 90 days forward. You have more freedom to work ahead even better since you can choose to not only create emails in Jackrabbit but to also schedule them ahead. These new options are buttons you’ll find […]

Canadian Tax Credit Report for 2016

There is a new report that those of you in Canada will find valuable for the 2016 tax year. You can see this report in Find Report and All Reports: CRA: Children’s Tax Credit Receipts. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) gives a tax credit for children’s Art and Fitness activities. Our Canadian customers need to […]

Best Gift Ever: Upload Images & Attachments in Emails

If you’re thinking to yourself, “But sending images and attachments in Jackrabbit emails isn’t new,” you are correct. But what is new is the ability to do it without using your DropBox account. This makes many of you ecstatic! Ballet Etc Studio for the Arts’ Katelyn Secord sums it up on Jackrabbit’s Facebook page: “Honestly, […]