HR’s Perspective on Social Media

Social Media Dos & Don’ts  Do have a policy. As with all policies, if you aren’t going to follow it, it’s better not to have one. However, most employees have come to expect social media guidelines from their employer. The following are a couple of tips if your company institutes a social media policy, which […]

6 Ways a Mobile App Means Better Customer Service for Parents

Technology comes closer every day to offering a central device where we can do absolutely everything we need to do. Actually, the technology is there and it’s the service providers who have not quite completed this circle. Major organizations and institutions such as banks, media, utilities and medical facilities brought this into the main stream […]

A Gym Owner’s Perspective on the Olympics

Denise Dalton, co-owns Gymnastics Nevada with her husband, Tim. Denise has a truly unique perspective on the Olympics since her son, Jake Dalton, is – well – you know who he is. We thought that you would be interested in how she leverages the Olympics at Gymnastics Nevada. Watch as much of the Olympics as […]

Emotional and Historic – You Couldn’t Ask for More from U.S. Olympic Swimmers

The 2016 Olympics has had some amazing moments. Some have been emotional. Some have been historic.  And some have even been emotional and historic.  Of course, Michael Phelps comes to mind with his 23 gold and 28 total medals. But I think were also moments that signify something greater than any number of medals – […]

Amazing Swim and Gymnastics Moments of the 2016 Olympic Games

The 2016 Rio Olympics had some amazing, nail-biting, hair-raising and tear-jerking moments. List after list circulates the media in attempts to capture “The Seven Most,” “The Ten Best,” etc., etc.  For my attempt at this, I tried to pull some of the moments that struck me and stuck with me even after the closing ceremonies […]