from Human Resources

QUESTION: As the holidays are approaching, we are looking for ideas for employee gifts. If we give gift cards or gift certificates, will they be taxable to the employee? What about hams and turkeys? ANSWER: Anything that equates to giving cash must be considered taxable income for the employee. This includes gift cards, gift certificates […]

Swimming and Concussions

Five to 10 percent of athletes will suffer from a concussion during any giving sporting season. Concussions can occur in all sports. The risk is just lower in some than in others. Research from the Southwest Athletic Trainers Association reveals that the most instances of concussion happen in athletes between the ages of 15 and 17. Approximately […]

A Gym Owner’s Perspective on the Olympics

Denise Dalton, co-owns Gymnastics Nevada with her husband, Tim. Denise has a truly unique perspective on the Olympics since her son, Jake Dalton, is – well – you know who he is. We thought that you would be interested in how she leverages the Olympics at Gymnastics Nevada. Watch as much of the Olympics as […]

Emotional and Historic – You Couldn’t Ask for More from U.S. Olympic Swimmers

The 2016 Olympics has had some amazing moments. Some have been emotional. Some have been historic.  And some have even been emotional and historic.  Of course, Michael Phelps comes to mind with his 23 gold and 28 total medals. But I think were also moments that signify something greater than any number of medals – […]