Why is a Mobile App Worth the Investment in Time and Money?

Rising costs of operations, new customer acquisition and customer relationships management costs more and more every year. You constantly must make adjustments, cuts, and eliminations of budgetary line items just to keep your bottom line healthy. Why in the world, then, would you even consider creating a mobile app? Doesn’t that type of expenditure simply add to your one-time capital expenditures and increase your monthly operational costs? If that is how you think it works, you need to reconsider because you’re missing out on technology that could be a game-changer for your organization. No Spin, Just Fact There are 5 simple statements that aren’t simply marketing spin about our mobile app. They are proven benefits. Our customers have helped us […]

Inclement Weather – To Pay or Not to Pay?

Employers should address two key questions with their inclement weather policy: How will you notify employees if the company will be open or closed?  How will employees be paid if the company is closed all day, or for a partial day? The method of payment for hourly employees when they miss work due to inclement weather is quite simple.  If a non-exempt, hourly paid employee does not work, the company is under no obligation to pay the employee.  This is true regardless if the company is open for business, or if it is closed due to the weather.  The Fair Labor Standards Act says that you must pay non-exempt employees only for time “actually worked.”  The same holds true when […]

Jackrabbit’s 5 Resolutions

Jackrabbit helps dance, gymnastics, swim, music, arts, learning, martial arts, cheer, and children’s care organizations with more than 11,000 locations get back to doing what they are passionate about. By helping them to leverage technology – something Jackrabbit is very passionate about – Jackrabbit’s clients get out from behind their desks and teach, lead and guide and grow their businesses. It’s important to articulate resolutions.  And year ends and beginnings provide the information and opportunity to reflect and move forward. We have 5 “resolutions” that we consider critical to being successful at taking on the challenges and opportunities of the new year. Give Back – Jackrabbit gives back to each of the communities of which it is fortunate to be included. […]

Why Jackrabbit is the #1 Software for You

Jackrabbit offers everything gyms and swim schools need to operate and grow. Here are just some of the reasons why more than 4500 customers love using the all-in-one, online software solution. We give you help when you need it. Your work hours aren’t 9 to 5, Monday through Friday so your need for help doesn’t always happen then either. We understand this, so we’re available to you when it fits your schedule. Whether you’re processing payments for the first time or setting your online registration up for the first time, your Jackrabbit support team is there for you with quick responses that will help you get your work done. One thing is for sure, we not only want you to […]

Establishing Boundaries Helps Gym-Fit Give Parents and Students Amazing Experiences

Jen and Brian Lewis have put a lot of thought into the boundaries they’ve established for the parents at Gym-Fit. They’ve tried to keep doing business with them as simple as possible while still establishing parameters to help their gym provide the highest possible level of services. Gym-Fit keeps basic policies consistent for team and rec parents and then provides an additional handbook that details league regulations and competitions for team parents only. Making Boundaries Crystal Clear When parents register their children for classes, Gym-Fit staff thoroughly reviews the rules with them. At this point it’s the basics: payment policy, make-ups, how to drop, who to contact for specific topics and needs, and how to ask questions. Upon registration, Gym-Fit […]

Visibility To Your Families Produces Tangible Results

A very simple definition of visibility is to be seen. And what is the value of being seen? Billboards along the highways cost thousands of dollars. 30-second spots on TV cost even more. Putting your company’s name in these spots is of tremendous value. But this visibility can only be guaranteed to be occasional. Imagine the value of visibility that is practically guaranteed to happen many times a day. That is exactly what happens with smartphones. Users of smartphones pull their devices from their pockets and purses and look at them hundreds of times a day. Immediately you think that your center’s parents are your target. Well, that is true. But they are not your only target. Who else is […]

Impact of a Smile

Turn that frown upside down – really. There is a song that was sung by the late, great Louis Armstrong entitled “When You’re Smiling the Whole World Smiles with You.” Apparently, the sentiment expressed in this classic is true. A study conducted at the Yale School of Management in 1999 showed that, among working groups, cheerfulness and warmth spread more easily than darker emotions. Irritability caught on with less success than the positive emotions, and depression, fortunately – has the lowest success rate of all. Laughter is the most contagious of our emotions which is really not surprising. You can prove it in your own small test group by simply starting to giggle to yourself. Soon the rest of those […]

4 Bad Habits That Can Disrupt Your Business

Some say that you are the sum of your habits. So when the bad ones outpace the good ones – you know what happens. You sabotage yourself, inhibit your productivity and impede your path to success – whether success is completing a major project or daily tasks. Because you don’t always see bad habits encroaching on you, your self-discipline is important. It can keep the damage bad habits cause from eventually breaking down your success. What are the bad habits that may be creeping in on you? Using your phone, tablet or computer in bed. Just don’t. It does much more than make your spouse/partner angry. It disrupts sleep patterns and limits productivity. There is something very scientific about this […]

Make It Easier To Do Business With You

We all like things to be easy. Me, you and your gym’s or school’s parents. But how do you make this happen? Answer: Make everything simple. The best way to understand how you can simplify the way business is done with your facility is to look at the relationship your parents have with you through their eyes.  It’s all about simplification of process, communications and information. Technology has a huge role in this and it’s up to you to take advantage of the technologies that will make your business more engaging to your existing customers and more appealing to potential ones. There are three areas of technology that you need to put to work for you: the Internet, mobility, and […]

Mobile App Can Improve Enrollment and Retention

That’s a pretty bold statement. But we can back it up. Your gym’s parents want to be able to enroll their children in classes as easily as they do their holiday shopping. Regardless of the reason that they’ve not enrolled, it’s essential that you give parents the ability to complete the enrollment process on their smart phones for you to capture as many enrollments as possible.   We don’t just think this works. We know. Practically everyone who puts a mobile app to work for their gym sees enrollment numbers increase. When they use push notifications, those numbers are bolstered again. These increases become real money as your revenue from enrollments soar. When you calculate your retention rates, you’ll flip. […]