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Jackrabbit Class is web-based camp management software featuring: online registration, accounts receivables and e-commerce solutions.

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Putting your trust in camp management software is a big deal. Jackrabbit prides itself on being a reliable platform for you to confidently run operations. Jackrabbit is smart. It’s built with the user in mind, and understands that the children and ensuring their experience is the best is priority.

When parents and children are coming and going from camp, your day can easily get lost in figuring out who has signed in, been picked or paid. Jackrabbit is full of features to help the administrative side of managing a camp more efficient.

  • Work anytime, anywhere: Jackrabbit is a cloud-based system meaning it can go anywhere with you. No more running back to the office to see if someone has paid - you can see that on your phone, tablet, or computer. Jackrabbit can be accessed at any time and anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Eliminate paperwork: Go green with Jackrabbit. Use the features in this online system to run your business. Not only will it cut down on your paper and ink cost, it will reduce the amount of time front desk staff need to complete daily tasks. Paper can get lost and damaged, Jackrabbit will always be there.
  • Save time: Using camp management software will streamline the way your business operates. Tasks that take hours manually will take seconds with Jackrabbit’s automated features. The reporting features will gather your data and export it into a file that’s easy to read and understand with the click of a button - not after calculations and spreadsheet sorting.