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Jackrabbit Allows Owner to Grow without Significantly Increasing Staff

Coker Music   www.cokermusic.com 2 locations, 147 students, 4 teachers Owner, Matt Coker THE CHALLENGE Security and reliability had become a priority for Matt since he had experienced a hard drive crash. He also wanted to find a solution that would allow him to leverage processes and automation to help him organize and grow his business in ways that his paper and spreadsheet based systems would never support. THE SOLUTION Matt’s Jackrabbit system gives him a new level of comfort in operating his business. The web-based aspect of Jackrabbit appealed to him since it would eliminate any worries he had about his data’s safety. The QuickBooks integration is easy and straightforward, giving him confidence in the accuracy of his accounting tasks. […]

Email Families You Choose from Aged Account Report Results

Here’s your scenario: You pull your Aged Account Report. As you look over your results, you think, “Wow, I’d really like to email those whose account totals more than $100.” Did you know that now you can? How awesome is that? And what’s even better is that you can do it directly from the report you’re looking at in Jackrabbit! It’s true. You now have the option to email all, or select individual families and send emails from the results of running your Aged Account Report. You’ll see your email editor open up with prefilled recipients. Statements or other data is not attached or sent. After the email opens, you can simply write a quick reminder to the families that […]

Email and Text Just Your Waitlist Families!

Did you ever want to reach out to only your waitlist families, but you didn’t have an easy way to do so in Jackrabbit? We’ve got you covered now! Email/Text Families has a new Enrollment Status drop-down list option for Waitlist Only. Whereas before you could include your waitlisted families only when you emailed or texted current and previously enrolled families, now you can choose to send a message only to your waitlisted folks. You can send information that only pertains to those with waitlist status and keep from annoying your current and previously enrolled families with information they care nothing about. Since this is ‘Additional Search Criteria’ some initial search criteria must be entered first. In the sections above, […]

Jackrabbit Technologies Recognized for 7th Consecutive Year in UGA’s Bulldog 100

University of Georgia Alumni Association Recognizes Success of Top 100 Graduate-Owned Companies  Jackrabbit Technologies, leading provider of online class management software for youth activities centers, was recently recognized as the 88th fastest growing among companies owned or operated by University of Georgia alumni in The 2017 Bulldog 100 Showcase. The University’s Alumni Association hosted the annual Bulldog 100 event honoring entrepreneurial alumni on February 4, 2017 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. This is the 7th  consecutive year that Jackrabbit has been ranked in the list. “The Bulldog 100 brings together companies from across the country and business sectors who have the UGA educational experience as well as entrepreneurial passions in common,” comments Jackrabbit’s President, Mark Mahoney, who graduated from the […]

Do You Use Our Awesome Pie Chart?

If you haven’t used our Pie Chart before, now is a great time to look into it. We’ve made it even better by including your Cat 1 name in the individual charts.   Where do you find this pie chart? It is the Enrollment Category1 Chart under Key Metrics on your Executive Dashboard. If you or those on your staff are visual, this chart is the best way to communicate your enrollment breakdown.

What is Project Declutter All About?

During the month of February, we are highlighting some items that exemplify customer love. From a feature and a project that illustrate our focus on customers’ needs and ideas to comments from customers and Jackrabbit staff who are passionate about our software, you’ll see things that enlighten you or confirm what you already know. Aligning our product development with your ideas and requests is pretty much our mantra. Our customers are indeed where the “heart” of our passion lies. So here is a big project that is all about you: Project Declutter. You may have noticed some enhancements published lately are noted to be part of Project Declutter. Here is how this project came about. You see our Send Idea button in […]

Skills Reports Provide Skills by Class

There are new Levels Reports that give you the skills information by class: all skills, skills attained or skill not attained are your report options. Find these at New Classes>Class Skills/Levels Report. Please note the information provided about each student in addition to the student name, specific skill and class such as birthdate, skill/subskills and attained date, age, contact phone and last agreement date. The inclusion of agreement date is especially important because it provides a way for instructors to see right there who may be in the pool or on the gym or studio floor whose parents have not signed waivers.

Collect Your Full Fee Amounts in Credit Card Processing Using Ignore Pre-payment Setting

Have you been held up on processing tuition fees because of some sort of pre-payment – like a costume deposit – in the past? Jackrabbit tries to prevent over-charging instances by limiting processing for any amount greater than the family balance. That doesn’t have to happen anymore! Now you can ignore pre-payments when processing credit cards for specific transactions. Here are the parameters: You must pre-check that your payments are linked correctly. The user has to enter a Transaction Date to limit the risk. Jackrabbit highlights accounts where the Amount to Process is greater than the Family Balance to alert the user. The ability to ignore pre-payments is controlled by a new Ignore Pre-Payments permission. For example:  Family has $395 […]

Download the 25 Top Enhancements eBook

We’ve chosen some of the top 25 enhancements of 2016 and put them into an eBook that you can download. We’ve looked back across the year to find enhancements that we think may have helped you get the business part of your facility out of the way quickly so you can do more of the things you love. You can download 25 of our top enhancements in an eBook – a bundle of software delights – by simply entering your email address after clicking the “Download our eBook” button.

The Power of the Send Idea Button

You have an amazing button built into every screen of your Jackrabbit software and it can help you to become an “idea generator” who contributes to the creation of new features you see in our software by just clicking on it. I’m talking about the Send Idea Button. If you’ve never used it there are a couple of things I’d like to tell you. You should use it. If you do use it, you have a direct line to contribute ideas to our development process. You see, here at Jackrabbit, there are several things that we are fanatics about and one of them is getting your ideas and input. When the software was first developed, its original designers, thought the […]